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About Us

Founded in 1986, Arkansans for Animals, Inc. started as an advocacy group of people dedicated to changing the lives of animals through proactive legislation to increase penalties for animal cruelty and animal fighting, regulate the pet shop industry and promote humane care and practices in animal husbandry and wildlife conservation. AFA maintains 80 acres of land specifically to protect the natural wildlife.

As a natural extension of the issues of animal welfare in our state and the enormous suffering of our unwanted pet overpopulation in our communities and shelters, AFA started a low-cost referral program in 1996 with the assistance of Spay USA and established our first Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital in 1998, one of the most cost-effective programs in the country. In 2011, AFA opened Operation SaVE in Little Rock in addition to the MASH mobile clinic and currently provides over 8,000 affordable sterilizations each year. To date, AFA's programs have provided over 130,000 low-cost spays/neuters.